Titan Race SRG 75 1.0 Litre

Titan Race SRG 75 1.0 Litre

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Fuchs Titan Race SRG 75 (previously known as Silkolene PRO SRG 75) is a synthetic gear oil
of SAE 75W viscosity developed exclusively for racing transmissions. 

Titan Race SRG 75 has been designed for small high speed gearboxes handling high power outputs.
It withstands very high temperatures and protects against the high shock loads to which racing gearboxes are often subjected.
It is suitable for some wet clutch systems and also assists slick gear changing while reducing
clutch drag through the operating temperature range.

NOTE: Not suitable for hypoid applications.

Titan Race SRG 75 was previously available under the Silkolene brand.
SRG 75 has now been re-labeled as Fuchs Titan Race SRG 75 and offers the same outstanding formulation.
During the changeover, you may receive either Silkolene or Fuchs Titan branded product.
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