AN -6 (JIC-6) Malpassi Competition V8 Filter King Fuel Pressure Regulator&Guage

AN -6 (JIC-6) Malpassi Competition V8 Filter King Fuel Pressure Regulator&Guage

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Comes with;
Black AN-6 adapters as shown in the photo
Standard mounting kit.
The ultimate competition regulation, it has a gauge facility to allow the accurate setting of your fuel pressure, prior to making any unnecessary jet changes. Once the fuel pressure has been set, it is recommended that the gauge be removed (this kit comes without a gauge but these are available in our eBay shop) and the auxiliary blanking plug for the hole fitted.
For highly tuned engines, this regulator will be of great assistance when detuning your engine for the MOT test!
Competition Filter King Regulator

These fuel pressure regulators have been part of a competition fuel system and a common sight on motorsport vehicles over the past 25 years.

The Filter King is a popular unit, regularly seen in the motorsport field because of its ability to regulate and filter fuel without restriction.

  • Designed for "High Flow" at moderate pressures
  • Corrosion Resistant finish
  • All external parts are metal
  • 85mm Alloy Bowl.
  • 1/8” NPTF female threads converted using the blue adapters to AN-6
  • Fuel gauge plug for when a gauge isn't fitted.

Brand: FSE Malpassi
Type: Fuel filter/regulator
Part Number: TORQ-V8FK
Filter type: Reusable
Hose End Size: -6 AN
Adapter Size: 1/8 NPT
Adapter Attachment: Male threads


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